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What is my name?

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) and the Bloomers call me Magic Mint

How do I grow?

I am a fast growing herb and I have a tendency to take over, so best to keep me in a pot to curb my growth. Some would call me easy going as I am tolerant of a wide range of conditions, although I do prefer moist, shaded spots.

What can you cook me with?

I am used in cuisine the world over, from Europe to the Middle East, India to Vietnam, I crop up everywhere. The British love me in salads and teamed with lamb in their mint sauces, in the Middle East I am added to meatballs and yoghurt dips, in India I taste great in a biryani, pani puri and a raita, and the Vietnamese will add me to pretty much everything. I taste great infused in teas, in cooling drinks with cucumber or with lemon, lime or ginger, even try me paired just with water, and I can add a fresh twist to cocktails, preferably the alcoholic variety!

What are my health benefits?

As well as smelling great, I can help:

  • with stomach aches - drinking mint tea reduces irritated bowel syndrome
  • cleanse the stomach
  • eliminate toxins from the body
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